Friday, February 27, 2009

Seira's Cuppies

Baked these cuppies for Seira. She's having a potluck picnic this Saturday. So, deco for the cuppies pun ala ala manja jer. Thanks Seira for the order :)

Minggu depan ada lagi satu order nak siap kan.... Alhamdulilah...rezeki..rezeki

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chocolate Ganache Cuppies

This morning I baked the Choc Ganache cuppies for the kids from RABEKA. Memang dah niat dah. By the way, this cuppies are available by mid March 2009 onwards.

The ganache cream is a combination of bitter sweet chocolate and cream. Adunan kek juga ada campuran bitter sweet chocolate yang dicairkan.

The softness of the cake texture and the meltiness of the ganache cream topping makes a good combination and memberikan satu effect bila berada di dalam mulut.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you....Thank you...

First and foremost....I would like to thank everyone who has given his or her comments on the cuppies. Yer la....kalo tak der feedback, camner nak tau apa lebih and apa yang kurang. I will look into those comments n make some improvement.

Pada yg dah bertanya2 tu, kindly be informed that the cuppies will be ready for sale by mid March 2009 onwards.

Harga? Wait for the updates but rest assured, it won't be that expensive. Ikut harga current market.

By the way......I have a set of Choc Ganche cuppies to be baked this weekends.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Butter Cream Cuppies

I have never tried making butter cream cakes or cuppies before. So, last Sunday i attended a class for this. Seronok pulak...... Macam2 ideas keluar masa nak hias those cakes especially the cuppies.

I was on leave yesterday.....jadi apa lagi...time to play around with the flour n cream!! Here are some of my creations....Hehehe....

Since i am still in a learning process, banyak ler yg senget benget. Nanti bila dah ok.... i will market my butter cream cuppies. Nantikan........

Another Chocolate Ganache Cuppies

I baked this cuppies last Saturday for Sue and boyfriend dia. Alhamdulillah.... got a good response from them. Hope by March, i can market my choc ganache cuppies.

Chocolate Ganache Cuppies

Finally....This is how my chocolate ganache cupcakes look like.
I baked them for my officemates last week. I had lots of fun while baking this cuppies.

I am still trying to figure out the corrent texture for the cake. Masih lagi dalam process trial and error. Nanti bila dah ok, baru bole jual.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming soon.......Chocolate Ganache Cupcake


Butter Cheese Cake

This cake is a mix of butter and cheese. Using the Philidelphia Cheese as one of the main ingredients. Bukan sahaja utk topping cream tapi juga di dalam adunan kek.

Chocolate Moist Cake

When I 1st started this business.....this is the 1st kind of cake I sold. So far, sambutan menggalakkan...Alhamdulillah.

Each cake is decorated with it's very own chocolate cream and lots of chocolate rice.

Definitely a must for chocolate lovers!!

Welcome/Selamat Datang

Thank you for dropping by.

Jemi Delights was incorporated on 17 October 2008. Kira baru lagi lah. It specializes in home baking delicacies especially cakes. Baking is always my passion and a kind of therapy for me. Sounds very the drama kan? hehehe....but actually i find solace when i cook or bake. Rasa tenang and gumbira bila tengok benbarang masak depan mata. I can spend hours and hours in the shops yg jenjual benbarang utk baking ni.

So, out of passion and interest i start this business and tertubuhlah Jemi Delights.