Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Week

This week will be a bit busy baking cuppies for a customer who is going to officiate his shop. Dia dah order 100 buttercream cuppies. Dia request for a Swirl on the cakes. On top of that, there will be another 50 chocolate ganache cuppies added in. They should be ready by Saturday 28 March.

Last Saturday, I went to Bake with Yen to buy some of the stuff for the cakes as well as for the fondant and gumpaste. Sunday plak, gi Bagus in Tmn Permata to get some more additional stuff.

So, the theme for the week is..... Swirling....Swirling....Swirling..


jidood said...

wahhh jemi... banyak order nampaknyer!.. busy sungguh!... bagus2... keep up yr good work bro...

jemi delights said...

alhamdulillah....dah rezeki jid. thnks jid.