Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chocolate Buttercream Cuppies

I got this order from Hairul of Lembah Keramat. She requested for a Chocolate Buttercream cuppies for a homecoming celebration.

She gave me the freedom for the decoration. I came up with the basket weave and star nozzle patterns for the cuppies toppings. Berpinar gak ler mata nak wat basket weave tu, tapi tetap gigih ni!!

Thanks Hairul for placing the order. Hope u enjoy the cuppies


Norzuriman said...

they like the cuppies coz very fluffy...they said if more fluffy , lagi best!!!!Anyway . Thanks again....do u know how to do a carrot cheese cake.....coz cheese goes ver well with carrot....anyway...if u see norzuriman's name....he's my husband


jemi delights said...

thanks hairul.
as for carrot cake, im still learning the best method to get a good cake. yup....cheese topping would definitely go well with the cake...

Hilmi Ramlan said...

Hi!! Thanks for the beautiful beautiful cuppies!! They tasted delicious.

Hilmi - welcomed home happily =D

jemi delights said...

u r most welcome emy :)