Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ha Alif Ro Ya Zai n Wau Alif Jin Dal Ya

Haaaaaaa......For the 1st time.......Jawi is used for my deco. These cuppies were ordered by some of gals n guys for their friends' birthday.

They requested to have these patterns to be included :

1. Sejadah
2. J.CO
3. PAS flag
4. Wau Bulan
5. Etok

Well.....tried my best to accomodate to their requests. But the etok didnt turn well tho'. Kena gigih lagi nih.

Happy birthday Hariz and Wajdi.

To Ani, Lily, Elsa, Umar & Khalid.......Tq for the order.

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KurstTea said...

u forgot nik AZIZ